Strategic Wealth & Risk Management Consulting

Personal wealth and risk management services from leading industry professionals.

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Forward-looking wealth consulting

Endurant Wealth provides strategic wealth and risk management services. We inform clients of current and emerging risks and opportunities and identify ways to promote the preservation of our client's financial security and prosperity over the long term. Our services are based on a thorough analysis and assessment of the global investment environment and key megatrends impacting and defining the investment landscape and the business environment. This approach provides us with an important comprehension of the most significant factors that are driving the world today.

What we do

Endurant Wealth advises a wide range of clients such as working professionals, small business owners, retirees and high net worth individuals. We also offer consulting services to businesses and organisations seeking to better understand current global megatrends and emerging risks which may impact their organisation.

Safeguard your wealth and lifestyle

Many of the risks that we seek to manage for our clients are not widely recognised and are not being sufficiently managed by most investors, households, or businesses which leaves their wealth and assets exposed. We specialise in advising our clients how to better protect their wealth and lifestyle against these significant and lesser known risks.

What Our Clients Say

  • I was introduced to Endurant Wealth through an acquaintance who recommended their services. I didn’t think initially that I was going to benefit strongly from their services but I must admit that I became impressed with the extensive and broad perspective that they have on the world and the investment environment. They have really opened my eyes and made me feel much more comfortable in my ability to personally do something that can help maintain my life savings.

    Danny G, Sydney

  • Endurant Wealth provide advice I can trust. Their team has always been honest and direct, the sort of people I found myself actively listening to and intrigued by.

    Joshua S., Melbourne

  • I found Endurant Wealth when I was looking for a company that could help me understand more about gold investing. They seemed very professional and gave me a lot of interesting information about the things I need to consider when investing in physical gold and silver. I highly recommend.

    Gen Li, Melbourne