About Us

Most decisions being made today by individuals and organisations are largely based on the assumption that past performance and prevailing conditions can be confidently extrapolated into the future. Yet, given that we are living in a complex and dynamic world, how assured should we be that everything in this world will continue on more or less as it has in the past?

Most private investment decisions and corporate strategies being implemented today do not consider the implications associated with key factors and trends which are increasingly likely to negatively impact them. Often this is due to the tendency of looking through the wrong lens. The current investment and business environment we find ourselves in is probably the most challenging environment that the world has faced in the past several decades.

Over the coming years and decades, the investment landscape and the business environment will be shaped and impacted by trends and forces which will largely be outside the control of any single entity.

The credit crisis of 2008 is a prime example of the uncertain and unstable nature of the business and investment environment and how individuals and organisations can be severely affected by unexpected exogenous conditions. Endurant Wealth is there to assist clients in understanding the context of current macroconditions and future trends and to help clients make informed decisions. We provide individually-tailored risk management services aimed at making our clients more financially resilient.

As a company consisting of futurists and risk management professionals with megatrend acumen, we have a broad knowledge and understanding of a diverse source of risks such as macroeconomic, technological, geopolitical, financial and environmental risks. We also regularly consult with external researchers and experts in a variety of fields. This gives us important insights into current trends and enables us to take a holistic approach in risk consulting.