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Our comprehensive approach to wealth management provides invaluable benefits to your financial security.


Get detailed insight into hidden risks and ongoing trends so you can make informed financial decisions.


The world is more interconnected than ever, putting you at greater risk. Get expert advice on managing risks.


We provide guidance on tangible investment options. We carefully choose assets that offer optimum security.


Guidance on alternative asset management options to help shelter your wealth.

In-Depth Consultation

Detailed information & guidance

Financial decisions should be based on the right information and the right context, otherwise wealth management becomes arbitrary. Although there is plenty of information available, it's nearly impossible to make sense of it without years of experience. Our experts will brief you on the most important investment opportunities, risks and trends. This wil help you see the bigger picture and enable you to navigate more safely through the investment landscape.

Risk Assessment

Protection from hidden risks

The world is more interconnected and complex than ever before, putting your wealth at greater risk. These risks are often invisible to the untrained eye. Our experts will identify and present your key risks in a simple, easy to understand way and help you develop a solid plan and strategy to control these risks.

Investment Assets

Carefully chosen investments

Wealth is continuously exposed to significant risks that could result in a fall in the purchasing power of your assets or in an actual loss of assets. There is a complex network of factors that contribute to each of these risks, which we carefully consider and assess for you. Based on our assessment of such risks, Endurant Wealth offers guidance on tangible assets that can help preserve your wealth over the long-term.

Asset Management

Protection from custodial risk

In most asset management structures, your assets are exposed to significant custodial risk from custodian mismanagement and events involving global financial distress. We help you find asset management solutions that mitigate such custodial risks. This reduces your risk of suffering a loss due to insolvency of a custodian, a new global financial crisis or other adverse circumstances.

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  • I was introduced to Endurant Wealth through an acquaintance who recommended their services. I didn't think initially that I was going to benefit strongly from their services but I must admit that I became impressed with the extensive and broad perspective that they have on the world and the investment environment. They have really opened my eyes and made me feel much more comfortable in my ability to personally do something that can help maintain my life savings.

    Danny G, Sydney

5 Benefits Of Gold Investing

When it comes to considering investments, gold investment is not always high on most people’s list of potential investment opportunities. Gold investing is though gradually once again becoming more mainstream.

Let’s take a closer look at the most helpful benefits that gold investing may  provide, so that you can make a more informed decision regarding your investments.

  1. Protection Against Inflation and Currency Devaluation

Gold investing, has the potential to provide added protection against the consequences of persistent currency devaluation associated with inflationary policies pursued by governments and central banks. Let’s say that you have placed $10,000 in the bank and you have left it to collect interest, figuring that no harm could possibly come your way. While this may seem like a great idea on paper, the money is not going to have the same purchasing power as it did when you placed it in the bank. Inflation eats away at your purchasing power on a daily basis. Gold is one important asset that throughout history has provided added protection against inflation.

  1. Insulation Against Financial Crises

Banks are far from infallible and if you partake in the investment of a tangible asset such as physical gold, you are keeping yourself better shielded from the consequences of potential collapse of banking institutions by retaining an asset outside the financial system.

  1. Avoiding International Financial Crises

Throughout history investors have been exposed to the risks of financial crises and financial disruptions. When a financial crisis takes place, it does not necessarily originate or start in the country where you reside and while it may seem unimportant to deal with the risk of a financial crises starting abroad it is a reality that you need to consider . That means taking the time to contemplate the potential benefits of gold investing. The single most important characteristic of gold is that it has no counter-party risk.

  1. Gold’s Historic Precedent

Gold has been regarded as a store of wealth for thousands of years by almost every single culture in history. No other asset has such a historic record underlying its potential as a future long-term store of wealth. Nowadays, despite the increasing reliance on paper and digital storage of wealth such as securities and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, gold is still regarded as an asset of great value. It is going to a take significant transformation in cultural beliefs and traditions to ever change this inherent perception.