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Our global financial experts work to create ironclad financial security for our clients. Our mission is to safeguard your wealth and lifestyle, even through periods of widespread economic distress.

  • Increased protection of your financial health
  • Tailored support to build your financial resilience
  • Identification of strategic investments to mitigate risk
  • Ongoing consultation of emerging investment risks & opportunities

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Our comprehensive approach to wealth management provides invaluable benefits to your financial security.


Get detailed insight into hidden risks and ongoing trends so you can make informed financial decisions.


The world is more interconnected than ever, putting you at greater risk. Get expert advice on managing risks.


We provide guidance on tangible investment options. We carefully choose assets that offer optimum security.


Guidance on alternative asset management options to help shelter your wealth.

In-Depth Consultation

Detailed information & guidance

Financial decisions should be based on the right information and the right context, otherwise wealth management becomes arbitrary. Although there is plenty of information available, it's nearly impossible to make sense of it without years of experience. Our experts will brief you on the most important investment opportunities, risks and trends. This wil help you see the bigger picture and enable you to navigate more safely through the investment landscape.

Risk Assessment

Protection from hidden risks

The world is more interconnected and complex than ever before, putting your wealth at greater risk. These risks are often invisible to the untrained eye. Our experts will identify and present your key risks in a simple, easy to understand way and help you develop a solid plan and strategy to control these risks.

Investment Assets

Carefully chosen investments

Wealth is continuously exposed to significant risks that could result in a fall in the purchasing power of your assets or in an actual loss of assets. There is a complex network of factors that contribute to each of these risks, which we carefully consider and assess for you. Based on our assessment of such risks, Endurant Wealth offers guidance on tangible assets that can help preserve your wealth over the long-term.

Asset Management

Protection from custodial risk

In most asset management structures, your assets are exposed to significant custodial risk from custodian mismanagement and events involving global financial distress. We help you find asset management solutions that mitigate such custodial risks. This reduces your risk of suffering a loss due to insolvency of a custodian, a new global financial crisis or other adverse circumstances.

What Our Clients Say

  • I was introduced to Endurant Wealth through an acquaintance who recommended their services. I didn't think initially that I was going to benefit strongly from their services but I must admit that I became impressed with the extensive and broad perspective that they have on the world and the investment environment. They have really opened my eyes and made me feel much more comfortable in my ability to personally do something that can help maintain my life savings.

    Danny G, Sydney

5 Important Questions For Your Investment Advisor In Melbourne

Every investment advisor is not one and the same and a Melbourne resident who is in search of the best one for their needs is going to have to take a long look at the services that they provide. In order to learn more about each investment advisor from Melbourne that you are considering, you’ll need to read on and find out about the following questions.

By asking your prospective investment advisor in Melbourne these questions, you make the selection process easier on yourself and avoid the pitfalls that tend to keep well meaning clients from finding the advisor that is perfect for them.

1. What Is Your Experience Level?

The best advisors are those who have been there before and who have been in business for a significant period of time. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out advice from a number of firms, but at the end of the day, you are going to want to hear from the company that truly has your best interests at heart. Be sure to ask about the advisor’s level of experience and don’t allow yourself to settle for anything less than the best.

2. Are Your Services Comprehensive?

For some clients, the need for a comprehensive service is more than understandable. For others, they may require an advisor who is strictly focused on investments and nothing else. The advisor that you choose will depend on what services they provide and their ability to cater to your needs. If you only need the advisor to successfully manage your investments and nothing more, asking this question allows you to select the one that is just right for you.

3. How Are You Paid?

An investment advisor is not always going to be paid in the same way and you may have far more options available to you in this regard than you initially realize. Some advisors will have a flat fee that they require for their advice, while others may wish to work on a commission basis. Knowing exactly how the advisor is going to be paid is crucial to the long term success of your investments and your ability to reap the largest possible return.

4. What Is The Billing Frequency?

In addition to the all important questions regarding how the advisor is going to be paid, you also need to know more about the billing frequency. Are they going to require a payment on a monthly basis or is their payment structure reliant on annual billing? Other advisors may request a quarterly payment, while others are more apt to ask for a payment with each and every deposit that is made. You could also have the chance to pay through each of your investments.

5. How Often Are We Going To Meet?

This is a commonly overlooked question and one that you need to be sure to ask in order to receive the best possible advice. A top notch advisor knows how to establish a meeting schedule that works equally well for both sides of the equation and will never leave you without access to the advice you need during the moments when you need it most.