Our Services

We provide a range of services which are all aimed at making our clients more financially resilient.

Initial Consultation

We offer an initial consultation in which we can provide you a basic understanding of the key issues and trends defining the current and future investment landscape. Providing this initial overview will help you see the bigger picture as it relates to your specific situation. In the initial consultation, we also identify alternative investments aimed at providing added long-term wealth protection.

General Consulting

We provide a broad range of specialised consulting services as outlined below.

General consultations and specialised services

We offer consulting services within the following areas:


Flexible services

At Endurant Wealth we realise that not everyone may have the opportunity to consult with us at our premises whether it may be due to a busy schedule or because they are located interstate. That is why we offer different flexible options whereby our clients can utilise our services in ways which may be more convenient for them.

Besides in-person consultations held at our office, we also offer consultations via skype or over the phone. Where requested we may also be able to meet clients outside regular business hours and meet clients outside our premises (incl. inter-state) in connection with special assignments.